We’ve spent our last week of summer at our beach house.  It’s the perfect place to get messy, sandy and to make stuff.


I don’t know about you, but I remember the craft shack at summer camp and I loved making sand candles.  I decided to try them with the kids this year and they loved it, especially my oldest one.

We went to the beach to collect sand and used interesting shapes to make a mold

IMG_0798 IMG_0811

We hung regular string with these skewers over the holes, but holding the string over the hole seemed to center it even better.IMG_0802Our kitchen turned into a mini labratory, with wax and colours melting.  We used wax dye bought from the store, but I heard that crayons could work just as well.  We found it best using separate containers for each colour.


We experimented pouring layer after layer, and trying different colours together.  And voila!  Our funky candles!