I truly believe in hands-on learning.  I believe that more is learned when a child is interested, engaged and creating.  One day after school, one of my students brought in a young grade one friend to show him some of her class projects.  He looked at me and said, “I think you do more crafts here than work!”  Well, that just might be true, and today the shape of the day was a favourite Easter craft: “sock bunnies.”


Yes, socks.  They are what I dread most about laundry.  Lost, mismatched and perfect for a sock bunny project!


I’ve since lost the original instructions for making the bunnies, but it is simple.  Stuff the sock up to and including the heel of the sock, then stitch across the sock just above the heel.


From the toe of the sock, stitch a vertical line to create two “legs”


Then stitch a diagonal line on either side of the sock to create the “arms”

We finished them off with a ribbon around the “neck” of the bunny, wool whiskers, button nose, googly eyes and a pom-pom tail.  Cut the top part of the sock straight down the middle to create “ears”.


There were sewing circles forming around the classroom.  The kids were really excited about their sock bunnies.  Each one had it’s own personality.

Hope you are looking forward to Easter!