Vases for Mom; Glass Painting

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I found the idea in a pioneer crafting book and right away I knew it would make a great gift for Mother’s Day. I found 3oak the glass paints and vases at Michael’s... READ MORE

Cardboard Challenge

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The school that I teach at decided to hold a school-wide “Cardboard Challenge“, inspired by the youtube video “Caine’s Arcade“. There were many reasons why we decided to take on this challenge, but... READ MORE

Hands-on Inspiration

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It seems like an old concept, “hands-on” learning; but isn’t that what the new curriculum in British Columbia is really all about?  I always feel inspired by the local “Hyde Creek Salmon Festival”.... READ MORE

Weekend Away

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I enjoy a fall weekend away, just to relax, spend time together and to notice the changes of the season. Fall walks are my favourite kinds of walks.  Through the woods, or even along... READ MORE

Cloudy summer day? Bake a pie.

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 We’ve had plenty of days like this lately, but in my opinion, it’s the best weather for berry-picking.   We have farms like these a few blocks from our house, which makes it convenient.  And... READ MORE

First Days of Summer…

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  We’ve been starting our summer out right with all of our favourite beginning of summer activities.  This is the Point Roberts Marina.  I’ve been getting more time to run.  Here’s my favourite route... READ MORE

Explorer Art: Northwest Passage

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          My students have been beyond excited to learn about the first Canadian Explorers, especially the stories, the risk and the adventure.  I came upon this book, called Northwest... READ MORE

Cross-Country Skiing Mount Baker

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We recently enjoyed some downhill and cross-country skiing at Mt. Baker.  For some reason it is difficult to find information about cross-country skiing at Baker, but there are actually a lot of different options, all with incredible scenery.


Years ago we cross country skied on White Salmon Road, which is a logging road with an entrance off the highway slightly before the downhill ski area. IMG_3140 IMG_3146 There’s not a lot of parking near this road and the trail is not groomed, but it offers forest trails and mountain-edge vistas.


This year we tried a new route, which was actually part of a green ski run which starts from the far right (east) Heather Meadows parking lot.  The trail is at the end of the Blueberry Cat Track black diamond run.


It is a gradual, mild up-hill ski, again with beautiful views and look-outs.  We didn’t ski the entire way, but apparently you could go quite high.  IMG_0467 We also enjoyed the gentle, slow ski back down.  There is one more cross-country trail nearer to the base of the mountain that we hope to try when there is more snow.  They are called Hannegan Pass Road 32 and Salmon Ridge Snow Park and are groomed as well.  More exploring to look forward to for next time.  Hope you are enjoying some winter sports and activities.

Farm Run

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I have a run that I refer to as my “comfort run” which might make sense to you if you are a runner.

IMG_0356 It’s my favourite run from my doorstep to my doorstep.  I start out on a dike,


but soon descend to a most quaint road with various hobby farms,IMG_0359including chickens and tractors.

IMG_0361I am so happy to have my Iphone along with me now, which is very portable and can still capture some rare moments and scenery quite well.

IMG_0366IMG_0376I think this run also makes me appreciate the local beauty, no matter what the season.

IMG_0379IMG_0380A runner’s paradise.  Thanks for coming along with me!

Christmas 2014

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_MG_3785 _MG_3783 _MG_3743_MG_3723 IMG_0382

It was a wonderful holiday season full of parades, concerts, crafts, baking, family and lots of fun!  Hope your Christmas was just as enjoyable!


Snowman Ornaments

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028(1)I saw this cute idea on Pinterest, but there were no instructions, so I thought I’d try it myself.  It was a really fun project and the students loved doing it.


I bought the ornaments at Micheals.  They were a bit pricey but I got them on sale for half price.  The ornaments are real glass, so remind the students to be very careful when handling them. 177

First the students used the black sharpies to put the eyes and mouth on.    They used an orange metalic sharpie to make the triangle nose. 021   With pink glass paint (Martha Stewart) the students sponge painted rosy pink cheeks and the last step was tying raffia around the top.025  Happy little ornaments that brighten up our classroom and to eventually find a home on the children’s Christmas trees!

Mini Christmas Village

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After reading The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, our class decided to make our own little “Whovilles” which also fit in nicely with our Community unit.


First we painted toilet paper rolls with bright, festive colours.  We made the roofs out of wrapping paper cut into a circle and then glued into a cone shape.


We glued the houses to a base made out of a paper plate wrapped in foil with a paper doilie on top.  The students had so much fun decorating the houses with windows, Christmas decorations and characters from the book.


A perfect introduction to our Structures unit as well.  Happy Christmas crafting!

Christmas Lights

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IMG_0258Usually our first task to start out the season, getting those lights up.  This year we had a mild, sunny day to do it._MG_3578


_MG_3584This year it was a bit of a father/son activity.  Mark had a very happy and excited assistant!_MG_3583


Ah, love those Christmas lights!!  Gets me in the spirit.


How to Make a Front Door Winter Container

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_MG_9359_MG_9355 While taking a winter walk, it can be fun to collect bunches of branches from the forest floor, especially after a wind storm.



It was quite easy to use those branches to make an attractive outdoor container decoration to put outside our front door.  I simply used a foam block and some extra decorations from last year.


It’s nice to add a little nature to the Christmas decorating.

Vancouver Waldorf School

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There’s nothing like a great weekend.  This was a “craft fair” weekend for me.  I ventured out with Martina, and Rosa, future blogger Little House on the Hill , to check out Make It Vancouver at the Croatian Cultural center.  Many impressive tables, and of course a night of laughs as well.


On Saturday, our family headed to the Vancouver Waldorf School Children’s Craft Fair and open house.  I have been fascinated with Waldorf, since I did my teacher training.  At that time we were introduced to the Waldorf philosophy and unique teaching methods which incorporate the arts, including visual arts, music and drama.  For years I’d had a desire to visit the school myself.  It was definitely worth the visit.


The crafts, mostly children’s items were beautifully made and very impressive.  Lots of felt craft.  My children were drawn to the wooden toys and sculpture by Eric Renken and Gabriele Schaub of Jalu Toys.  I was also excited to meet Ella, of The Little Red Caboose, who had her lovely crafts for sale.  Her son attends the school as well.


The school had samples of student work, which my husband (high school English teacher) and I agreed were of a superior quality.  There was candle-making, nature crafts, and “Strings Cafe” a warm retreat from the rain, where we had Christmas treats, apple cider,


and listened to our first Christmas carols of the season, played live, even by some of the students.  There was definitely a warm and welcoming spirit in the school and we enjoyed the experience.

I also must mention the TED lectures introduced to me by Martina.  My husband and I started watching a couple and in Mark’s words we were “addicted after the first hit”.  They are a collection of lectures by almost anyone you can imagine on a large variety of topics and very motivating and inspiring.  Much better than watching the tube.  Check them out!

Have a great beginning to your week!

Festive Suet

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It seems that almost every Christmas, we make treats for the birds.  Sometimes we make popcorn chains, sometimes, pinecone feeders tied to the tree with Christmas ribbon.  The snow we’ve had brings lots of birds in search of food.  A couple of weeks ago, Megan and I made some Christmasy suet.


We followed a recipe in a well-loved card that Mark bought for me years ago.  It’s a Nature’s Sketchbook card.  My favourite kind of card.


Here’s the recipe:

1 cup bread crumbs

1/2 cup raisins

1/2 cup chopped peanuts

1/2 cup coconut

1/2 teaspoon sand

1 cup lard (or ground suet)

Mix first five ingredients in large bowl.  Melt lard in a double boiler.  When in liquid form, pour over dry ingredients and mix well.  Spoon mixture onto piece of waxed paper.

We substituted frozen cranberries for the raisins.  I think dry would work just as well.  We mould our suet in a plastic sandwich container so it fits in the feeder.

And our visitors were:  a Downy Woodpecker, Juncos, as you might know, these little guys migrate here in the winter, a Steller’s Jay, and I was so surprised to see some red-winged black birds in the mix.  I’ve never seen them in our neighbourhood before!  The red on their wings is just brilliant against the white of the snow!  Along with our friend, the pileated woodpecker.

Merry Christmas little birdies!!

“Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.”  Matthew 10:29-31

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