Front Porch

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A beach house is really all about the front porch, and ours needed a bit of a facelift. I finished it off by painting the door yellow, adding to projects from past summers. We’d always used the porch quite practically, … Continued

Planting a Tree

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When we cleared our property to build, we had to remove most of the trees because they were in the way of construction or turned out to be dead. This spring and early summer, we did a lot of tree … Continued

Christmas Lights

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Usually our first task to start out the season, getting those lights up.  This year we had a mild, sunny day to do it. This year it was a bit of a father/son activity.  Mark had a very happy and … Continued

Blue Sandbox

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Just over a year ago, I mentioned a dream and a plan we had to build a blue sandbox in our yard.  We finished it in the spring and all summer long it was enjoyed over and over again.  Next … Continued

Decorating a Girls’ Room

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I was going through some old photos and discovered this somewhat shocking photo of my daughter’s room in our previous house.  At the time we were trying to find ways to fit her things into a very small room.  We … Continued

Summer Projects

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It has been a productive summer of various projects, especially at our beach house in Pt. Roberts.  Among those activities, we took down a dead tree in our backyard, which was chopped into some much-needed firewood. Mark also took out … Continued