Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

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  My class enjoyed collecting acorns from this beautiful, large oak tree on the school playground.  The acorns later filled these cute turkeys that the students greatly enjoyed making out of egg cartons, after reading a story about turkeys. This … Continued

All Things Apple

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Thank you so much for your kind comments on my last few posts.  Our Apple computer is still  under repair and that has been quite a fiasco, let me tell you; but God in his grace is showing mercy even … Continued

Pinecone Turkey Craft

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Thanksgiving is a holiday which encourages one to pause and give thanks for the abundance that we have been given: family, friends, nature, pets and nourishing food.  It is also a time when one can think quite a bit about … Continued

Making Leaf Fairies

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I have to admit, this November has been a pretty rainy one. When we have those few rare days like these, we make sure to go out and enjoy the last of the brilliant autumn colours.  The kids love to … Continued

Cupcake Decorating for Kids

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One of the easiest and least expensive birthday cakes we ever served at a party were cupcakes decorated by the young guests themselves. We bought cupcake icing in an aerosal container in a couple of different colours and then supplied … Continued

Spool Knitting or Tube Knitting

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This summer, the kids really got into tube knitting after trying it out at a the Maritime Festival in the summertime. What fascinated me is that the artist used a home-made knitting tool, that she had created from coloured card-stock, … Continued

How to Make Pop Can Candy Bouquetes

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I was fascinated to discover pictures of these candy bouquets on pinterest, my daughter wanted to have her friends make them at her birthday party, I but found it difficult to find instructions to make them.  After doing some research, I thought … Continued

Angel Ornament

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I’m not one to encourage division of gender, but I am noticing a trend around our house lately.  The “ladies” are inside making Christmas crafts, while the “men” are outside building and digging.   Each year the girls and I … Continued

Beloved Sock Bunnies

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I truly believe in hands-on learning.  I believe that more is learned when a child is interested, engaged and creating.  One day after school, one of my students brought in a young grade one friend to show him some of … Continued

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