Corn Husk Dolls

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The kids were so excited to eat from our meager corn harvest. Miranda collected the husks and ran to get her I Can Make That book.  Within a few minutes she had created this adorable corn-husk doll by bending a … Continued

Homemade Playdough

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We’ve had some of these days off and on. There is a difference between “rain” and “showers”.  See we, Vancouverites have lots of different terms for precipitation.  Sort of like the Inuit have many different terms for snow. Showers are … Continued

Easter Chick Craft

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Every year the kids love to decorate our Easter tree. Each year we seem to make and collect more and more ornaments.  One of our favourites is the Easter Chick ornaments that we made ourselves.  Here’s how we did it: … Continued

Valentines Crafts

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I thought I’d go back and post some old photos from past Valentines posts.  We’ve done different crafts over the years…   We did dollie heart prints to make Valentines cards: This time we made hearts out of homemade “rose” paper, … Continued

Snowman Ornaments

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I saw this cute idea on Pinterest, but there were no instructions, so I thought I’d try it myself.  It was a really fun project and the students loved doing it. I bought the ornaments at Micheals.  They were a … Continued

Mini Christmas Village

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After reading The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, our class decided to make our own little “Whovilles” which also fit in nicely with our Community unit. First we painted toilet paper rolls with bright, festive colours.  We made the roofs out … Continued

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