Restitution and Reggio Emilia

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There is a discipline strategy that is being used in my teaching district, called Restitution.  Restitution comes originally from aboriginal philosophy, and it also fits well into my own Christian beliefs. Restitution is a move against using punishment, “guilting”, or acting … Continued

Valentines Crafts

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I thought I’d go back and post some old photos from past Valentines posts.  We’ve done different crafts over the years…   We did dollie heart prints to make Valentines cards: This time we made hearts out of homemade “rose” paper, … Continued

Mini Christmas Village

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After reading The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, our class decided to make our own little “Whovilles” which also fit in nicely with our Community unit. First we painted toilet paper rolls with bright, festive colours.  We made the roofs out … Continued

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

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  My class enjoyed collecting acorns from this beautiful, large oak tree on the school playground.  The acorns later filled these cute turkeys that the students greatly enjoyed making out of egg cartons, after reading a story about turkeys. This … Continued

Incorporating Reggio

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I have been experimenting, and they have been experimenting. I’m really interested in kids and making their learning meaningful.  I want to teach in a way that gets kids motivated in the most natural way possible. I am learning about … Continued

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