M&M Cookies

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Well, having experimented a bit, I have come up with a new layout for my recipe book, which is quick, easy and I like the look.  I saw this beautiful layout that Kathy over at katiemaedays created, and she told … Continued

Morning Start

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The beginning of the day is such an important time: getting prepared for the day; eating a nourishing breakfast and spending a bit of quality time together;  setting the tone for the day.  It’s my great desire to make mornings … Continued

Pinecone Turkey Craft

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Thanksgiving is a holiday which encourages one to pause and give thanks for the abundance that we have been given: family, friends, nature, pets and nourishing food.  It is also a time when one can think quite a bit about … Continued

How to Make Caramel Apples

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One rainy night, something exciting was happening in our kitchen. Can’t say that some samples weren’t tasted. It took awhile to unwrap all the toffees. We got the sticks from Michael’s. One thing to warn:  The hot caramel is very, very … Continued

Blue Sandbox

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Just over a year ago, I mentioned a dream and a plan we had to build a blue sandbox in our yard.  We finished it in the spring and all summer long it was enjoyed over and over again.  Next … Continued

Making Leaf Fairies

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I have to admit, this November has been a pretty rainy one. When we have those few rare days like these, we make sure to go out and enjoy the last of the brilliant autumn colours.  The kids love to … Continued

Best Homemade Chilli

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One of my favourite meals for cold winter days, or even rainy ones, is homemade chilli.  We do ours in a crockpot: fill it in the morning and scoop it out at dinnertime. Like all our favourite recipes, this one … Continued

Fairy Birthday Party

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First she wanted a bike party, and then asked for a fairy party. There’s somethings so magical about fairies.  A Midsummer’s Night Dream, Peter Pan… Mark and I inspired ourselves by staying up late decorating and watching Finding Neverland. I … Continued

Autumn Exploring

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There’s something about autumn that makes me want to head into the woods, and the leaves haven’t even changed colour yet!  We have the river and trails right behind our house, so out we go! The weather here in Vancouver … Continued

Homemade Crackers

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If there’s one thing that kids love to eat, it’s crackers. But I never feel that great about giving my children crackers because they are full of added starch, sugars, oil and other preservatives. Have you ever heard of making … Continued

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