Cross-Country Skiing Mount Baker

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We recently enjoyed some downhill and cross-country skiing at Mt. Baker.  For some reason it is difficult to find information about cross-country skiing at Baker, but there are actually a lot of different options, all with incredible scenery. Years ago … Continued

Farm Run

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I have a run that I refer to as my “comfort run” which might make sense to you if you are a runner.  It’s my favourite run from my doorstep to my doorstep.  I start out on a dike, but … Continued

Christmas 2014

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It was a wonderful holiday season full of parades, concerts, crafts, baking, family and lots of fun!  Hope your Christmas was just as enjoyable!  

Snowman Ornaments

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I saw this cute idea on Pinterest, but there were no instructions, so I thought I’d try it myself.  It was a really fun project and the students loved doing it. I bought the ornaments at Micheals.  They were a … Continued

Mini Christmas Village

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After reading The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, our class decided to make our own little “Whovilles” which also fit in nicely with our Community unit. First we painted toilet paper rolls with bright, festive colours.  We made the roofs out … Continued

Christmas Lights

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Usually our first task to start out the season, getting those lights up.  This year we had a mild, sunny day to do it. This year it was a bit of a father/son activity.  Mark had a very happy and … Continued

Vancouver Waldorf School

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There’s nothing like a great weekend.  This was a “craft fair” weekend for me.  I ventured out with Martina, and Rosa, future blogger Little House on the Hill , to check out Make It Vancouver at the Croatian Cultural center.  … Continued

Festive Suet

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It seems that almost every Christmas, we make treats for the birds.  Sometimes we make popcorn chains, sometimes, pinecone feeders tied to the tree with Christmas ribbon.  The snow we’ve had brings lots of birds in search of food.  A … Continued

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