Front Porch

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A beach house is really all about the front porch, and ours needed a bit of a facelift. I finished it off by painting the door yellow, adding to projects from past summers. We’d always used the porch quite practically, … Continued

Summer Sublime

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We’ve been enjoying more summer days at Pt. Roberts, days full of simple pleasures: running at Lily Point,horse fields, beach time with friends,project ideas,evening bike rides to the marina, tenting in the front yard,lunch at Brewsters while the kids are at day … Continued

DIY Rustic Shell Mobile

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I have a bit of a hobby collecting shells and making shell mobiles while we are staying at the beach house. I got the idea for this mobile from a photo in House and Home magazine. I thought I could … Continued

Homemade Playdough

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We’ve had some of these days off and on. There is a difference between “rain” and “showers”.  See we, Vancouverites have lots of different terms for precipitation.  Sort of like the Inuit have many different terms for snow. Showers are … Continued

Sensory Play: Mahjong

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We were touring a museum of early Chinese bunkhouses at the Steveston Shipyards. The museum had live props including a table with the well-known Chinese game, Mahjong. My children instantly gravitated to the table and simultaneously began to touch, sort, match and … Continued

Early Summer

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We started off our summer in our favourite place, Point Roberts, Washington.  It’s always fun to spot wildlife, The lettuce was gigantic this year!  The best part is going to South Beach everyday. Forth of July parade,The firefighters entertained the kids … Continued

Planting a Tree

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When we cleared our property to build, we had to remove most of the trees because they were in the way of construction or turned out to be dead. This spring and early summer, we did a lot of tree … Continued

Nature Craft

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I have a passion for observing children.  I am especially interested in their play, explorations and interactions.  One time I was teaching a unit to my class on soil.  I brought the children outside to collect “soil samples”.  They all … Continued

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