Terry Fox Run

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Terry Fox is one of the most inspiring Canadian Heroes I know.   His passion, dream, determination, will and endurance are beyond admirable. Everyday he ran a marathon.  Every day.  He ran on lonely highways through the worst of weather, enduring … Continued

Renovating a Cottage Bathroom

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Remember the days of pink bathrooms, stiff plastic shower curtains, carpeted flooring?! and those floor to ceiling over the toilet storage containers?                       Well, we have been working hard to remove … Continued

Camp Themed Birthday Party

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We set up a tent, a wading pool, and Mark finished a playstructure that he was building for the kids, and voila, we have a “campsite”, a “lake” and an “outdoor adventure center”! The kids love making these candy skewers … Continued


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One thing I love about summer is growing and eating.  I was inspired by my mother-in-law’s potted herb garden, pictured on my last post.  As we left their place just outside of Bellingham, we stopped at Trader Joe’s and I … Continued

Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

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It’s been exciting growing our very first garden. I’ve actually been surprised at how eager and involved the kids have been watching things grow, picking, and of course eating.  We eat the zucchini raw, or baked into things like these … Continued

Hawaiian Birthday Party

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There’s that peacefulness before a party, before the guests arrive, when things are finally in place. The dollarstore had loads of Hawaiian goodies. The surfing station was ready to go. The decorations were hung, and then came the best part:  … Continued

Fresh Squeezed

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I was completely inspired by these young entrepreneurs. With the right ingredients, brainstorming and collaboration, careful preparation, good advertising, and a great sales strategy, profits can indeed be made. Now we are off to the candy store (the remaining change … Continued

Salt Spring Island

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We recently returned from a camping trip to Salt Spring Island, one of the larger Southern Gulf Islands. We were completely charmed by, the cheerful farms, the endless hills and fields outlining ocean views, the vineyards draping the hillsides, the bustling villages … Continued

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