Hands-on Inspiration

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It seems like an old concept, “hands-on” learning; but isn’t that what the new curriculum in British Columbia is really all about?  I always feel inspired by the local “Hyde Creek Salmon Festival”.


It is usually pouring rain (half of it is held outdoors), but it is still very popular, even crowded and my kids have loved it every year.  It amazes me that they still like to do the simple crafts, but the best part is all the stimulating learning.


The puzzles, the bright posters,

img_6753 img_6752

live animals, and both live


and dissected salmon.


My twelve-year-old daughter was thrilled to put on a glove and touch the salmon inside and out.  How many more ideas can spring board from these kinds of experiences?


This kind of learning environment inspires what I would like to replicate in my own classroom, both space-wise and activity-wise.



Of course the cookie-making and popcorn are a slight draw too.

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