Cardboard Challenge

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The school that I teach at decided to hold a school-wide “Cardboard Challenge“, inspired by the youtube video “Caine’s Arcade“. There were many reasons why we decided to take on this challenge, but one reason is that it meshed well with the kind of learning and goals put forth in the new British Columbia curriculum; much of it using inquiry, group work, engineering and working with a specific material.  The students’ enthusiasm for the project was evident in the creativity and construction that resulted:


Air hockey table with a real fan inside,

img_6825 img_6824 img_6817 img_6820

Hogwart’s style castle village,


Scenes from the Lorax,


Cardboard city

img_6810 img_6808

Ball-shoot arcade-style game,

img_6801 img_6796 img_6795Just the beginning of many learning “challenges” to come, I’m sure!

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