Camp Themed Birthday Party

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We set up a tent, a wading pool, and Mark finished a playstructure that he was building for the kids, and voila, we have a “campsite”, a “lake” and an “outdoor adventure center”!


The kids love making these candy skewers at the “canteen”,

as well as these “smore packs” (1 scoop chocolate chips, 1 scoop Honey Grahams, and 2 scoops mini marshmellows).


“Ranger Mark” took the kids on a hike in the forest across the street where they searched for a “wild kat”.

The kids found written clues as well as binoculars and magnifying glasses along the way.  The “wild kat” turned out to be Kit Kat bars in the end.  The kids collected all of their camping items and goodies in their “waterproof camper bag”.


Happy seventh birthday, to a friendly, fun-loving, caring, creative, thoughtful and insightful girl.

We love you Megan!!!



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