Sensory Play: Mahjong

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We were touring a museum of early Chinese bunkhouses at the Steveston Shipyards.


The museum had live props including a table with the well-known Chinese game, Mahjong.


My children instantly gravitated to the table and simultaneously began to touch, sort, match and pile the cube-shaped blocks according to the colours and symbols.


They asked the young volunteer how to play the game, but she explained that it was quite complicated.  She did show the kids what some of the symbols meant.  They could have sat there for hours, even in the thick heat, intent on discovering how to play the game.


After coaxing our kids to leave, I decided that we would have to get a game of our own (an idea which was met with much enthusiasm), and I greatly recommend the game for children in any home or classroom. IMG_1765

A cultural game for the hands and the mind, which perhaps one day I will actually learn to play!

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