DIY Rustic Shell Mobile

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I have a bit of a hobby collecting shells and making shell mobiles while we are staying at the beach house.


I got the idea for this mobile from a photo in House and Home magazine.

IMG_7548 I thought I could make more of a Westcoast version of that style of mobile.  I collected larger oyster shells, crab shells, sand dollars and driftwood.  Starfish could be used as well and purchased from Micheals.  I also used a foam, rope-covered ball that I’m pretty sure I purchased at Michaels.  I used a thick cone shaped grinder bit on the drill and carefully drilled a hole in the center of each item.  I had a couple of the shells crack on me and the driftwood even started to smoke, as I was drilling with the grinding bit, so I quickly switched to a regular drill bit for the wood.  Apart from that I managed to finish the drilling quite quickly and easily.

All that is left to do is tie a knot in the rope and string all of the items on.

And then something beachy to hang and enjoy!

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