How to Raise Tadpoles

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Something very exciting has been happening around our home.


Yes, the tadpoles are growing!


The kids have been watching the tadpoles closely everyday.


First they grew hind legs, then one front leg, then another front leg and then the tail started to shrink very slowly.


Now the frog sits out on a rock and then hops back into the water for a swim.  Unfortunately one of our frogs died while we were away camping.  We weren’t sure if he was hungry or if our cat was somehow involved.  He is now lovingly buried in the backyard garden (we had a short ceremony for him).  We did more research for the second frog.  The “frog guy” at the pet store said he is too small to eat crickets yet, and suggested that we head back to the pond for some pond water filled with insects, larvae, and now we have a collection of small fish as well, along with a new tadpole!


So far froggie number two seems content and froggie number three will join him soon, I’m sure then perhaps even more…


Happy Frogging!

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