How to Build Inukshuks


As a part of our Canada and Rocks unit, the students in my class have been doing some rock collecting and greatly enjoyed creating inukshuks out of plasticine and stone.


Before starting we read:


Two intriguing stories about inukshuks, the first written by a class of students.  We also watched this video on our class projector which inspired the students and gave them building ideas.

Then we did some more rock collecting and went to work creating the inukshuks.  I was impressed with their designs!IMG_1232 IMG_1226We used white and grey clay to secure the stones together and  to cement them to the cardstock base.  Quite a bit of plasticine was needed to make the rocks stick.IMG_1221_MG_4442 _MG_4443IMG_1209_MG_4422 _MG_4421 _MG_4420IMG_1208_MG_4417

IMG_1229A treasure to point the way home.

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