Cross-Country Skiing Mount Baker

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We recently enjoyed some downhill and cross-country skiing at Mt. Baker.  For some reason it is difficult to find information about cross-country skiing at Baker, but there are actually a lot of different options, all with incredible scenery.


Years ago we cross country skied on White Salmon Road, which is a logging road with an entrance off the highway slightly before the downhill ski area. IMG_3140 IMG_3146 There’s not a lot of parking near this road and the trail is not groomed, but it offers forest trails and mountain-edge vistas.


This year we tried a new route, which was actually part of a green ski run which starts from the far right (east) Heather Meadows parking lot.  The trail is at the end of the Blueberry Cat Track black diamond run.


It is a gradual, mild up-hill ski, again with beautiful views and look-outs.  We didn’t ski the entire way, but apparently you could go quite high.  IMG_0467 We also enjoyed the gentle, slow ski back down.  There is one more cross-country trail nearer to the base of the mountain that we hope to try when there is more snow.  They are called Hannegan Pass Road 32 and Salmon Ridge Snow Park and are groomed as well.  More exploring to look forward to for next time.  Hope you are enjoying some winter sports and activities.

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