Pinecone Turkey Craft

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Thanksgiving is a holiday which encourages one to pause and give thanks for the abundance that we have been given: family, friends, nature, pets and nourishing food.  It is also a time when one can think quite a bit about turkeys, which are typically ugly, but not the ones in Thanksgiving stories and the very cute crafted ones.  On a sunny October afternoon, paper bag turkeys, plate turkeys and hand turkeys can be seen proudly paraded about the schoolyard.


I thought I’d join in with these festivities by making pinecone turkeys with my class at school and with my children at home as well.

They need a lot of white glue, or a glue gun works well, too, with a smaller group.

The stands are made from sawed off “wood cookies”, which my husband kindly provided.

The bodies are pine cones and the heads are made from acorns. Then add on the googly eyes, a felt beak, feathers and puffy orange pipe-cleaners for the feet and waddle, which Miranda differentiated from the “snood”.  Sometimes a small part of the pine cone has to be removed for the acorn to sit right.


And there’s one cute Thanksgiving turkey.  Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends!!

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