Making Leaf Fairies

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I have to admit, this November has been a pretty rainy one.


When we have those few rare days like these, we make sure to go out and enjoy the last of the brilliant autumn colours.  The kids love to collect fall leaves


and make beautiful leaf bouquets.  We press the best ones, usually in our big atlas.


This year the girls were eager to make fairies out of their leaves (a great rainy day activity). So first, we cover the pressed leaves with Mod Podge. I think one coat on the front side is enough, but we read the directions from this blog, Gingerbread Snowflakes!


To make the fairies, first fold a pipe cleaner in half and insert it into a wooden bead for the head.  Then wrap the another pipe cleaner around the base of the bead for the arms.


We used a styrofoam head for Megan’s fairy because she had bigger leaves.  Then make holes through two leaves layered on each other and insert the arms.


The girls added faces with Sharpie pens, glued on wool hair and made wands out of skewers and star-shaped beads.  Miranda added some wings made from another pipe cleaner and loved her sweet little fairy, who she named Emily.


Lots and lots of imaginative play started with the leaf fairies flying, hiding and chatting to each other around the house.  The directions suggested using artificial leaves, but we thought it would be fun to try real ones.

Here’s to those magical moments in your week!

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