Incorporating Reggio

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I have been experimenting, and they have been experimenting.


I’m really interested in kids and making their learning meaningful.  I want to teach in a way that gets kids motivated in the most natural way possible.


I am learning about the Reggio Emilia approach and trying to use the ideas in my classroom.


What I notice is the kids are excited and engaged, and management is minimal.  Right now we are doing a unit on Sound.  The students are using recycled materials to build instruments,


telephones, experimenting with different cup sizes and types,


bottle xylophones, looking up sound effects on the internet, and having a blast playing with real musical instruments.  I also hope to do radio plays and recycled junk wind chimes.

Learning is an art, and so is teaching.  We are weaving the concepts and vocabulary of Sound with exploring, discovering, recording and sharing.  It really is a change in thinking and practise for me, but it gives the kids so much more power over their learning.  There is always more for me to learn, and it is exciting to see it all grow and evolve.

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