Homemade Crackers

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If there’s one thing that kids love to eat, it’s crackers. But I never feel that great about giving my children crackers because they are full of added starch, sugars, oil and other preservatives.


Have you ever heard of making your own crackers? When we were at the farm, Rachel made these whole wheat crackers from a recipe in the good, old Company’s Coming series. This recipe is from Muffins and More. On a side note, I don’t actually like most of the recipes in Company’s Coming. I find them bland and uncreative, “add a can of this, a can of that”, and for some reason she loves to use 1/8 tsp of various spices. However, Jean Pare does have many practical recipes in her various books, such as preserve recipes, breads and obviously, crackers!


The kids loved these crackers and I felt great about giving them crackers with healthy ingredients. If you can’t read the recipe in photo above, check out this website with twenty cracker recipes.


Happy snacking!

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