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Thank you so much for your kind comments on my last few posts.  Our Apple computer is still  under repair and that has been quite a fiasco, let me tell you; but God in his grace is showing mercy even in this technical situation.  I am hopeful that we will have all our photos and data back and I am praying that it is not at the first price that I was quoted!

Right now, my mind is filled with thoughts of costumes, spooky decorations and Halloween crafts, but I have this post on apple-y stuff, that I wanted to do a couple weeks ago, so I hope you’re in the mood!!  After this delightful trip, we decided to have an “apple fest” and make as many things with apples as we could think of.

First, we made caramel apples, which I will post about when we retrieve our photos.


We made these very cute turkey apples Thanksgiving afternoon with gummy bears, fruit loops, corn candy, raisins and marshmallows.  The kids loved eating them.


Then, for desert at Thanksgiving dinner, I proudly made my first apple pie.


It’s so interesting being back at work, because I am coming from conversations with other moms about baking, gourmet cooking and crafts,

and entering conversations of the best fast food, quick meal ideas and butterball turkeys.  At the beginning of the year social, we were discussing juggling work and home, soccer schedules, dance and gymnastics classes.  Naively, I asked the other primary teachers, “How do you finish work and get home every night on time to cook a nice, home-made meal?”  They all looked at each other and said the same phrase, “I do take-out!”

Whether at home or work, ordering take-out or making home-made, or simply enjoying apples,

Happy Monday to you!

ps I have just been noticing all of the home-made bread around a number of blogs!

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