Blue Sandbox

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Just over a year ago, I mentioned a dream and a plan we had to build a blue sandbox in our yard.  We finished it in the spring and all summer long it was enjoyed over and over again.  Next to the sandbox, we planted the kids’ veggie garden.


Here’s the original space,


and here’s the original plan.


I think it turned out very well, thanks to Mark’s fine engineering.  I finished spraying the rocks for the play area a few weeks ago.  We took the rocks from the rubble of our renovation and the kids have painted them all.  What I’ve learned is to paint both coats on the rocks on the same day (so the paint doesn’t chip and crack), and dry them on a hot, sunny summer day.  We sprayed them with a glossy varnish.  I hope they last through the winter!


There is a cover over top of the play area so the sandbox play can continue rain or shine.  There’s also a bird feeder hanging to invite some friends from nature.  There’s hours of play to come in our beloved blue sandbox.

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