Best Homemade Chilli

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One of my favourite meals for cold winter days, or even rainy ones, is homemade chilli.  We do ours in a crockpot: fill it in the morning and scoop it out at dinnertime.


Like all our favourite recipes, this one has a bit of a story.  Before we had kids, our Bible study group helped serve dinner for an Alpha course.  The food was planned and prepared by a Singaporean woman with a passion for cooking.  She shared this recipe for her chilli, which was the best we had ever tasted.  It freezes well and it’s easy for a large group meal.  I think the secret is the brown sugar and cinnamon.

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I’m still working away at my recipe book, and purged numerous old recipes over the holidays.  I’m down to just a few favourites and looking for more…

Hope you enjoy some chilli this winter!!

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