Autumn Exploring

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There’s something about autumn that makes me want to head into the woods, and the leaves haven’t even changed colour yet!  We have the river and trails right behind our house, so out we go!


The weather here in Vancouver has been completely fabulous!  Sunny everyday!!  This weekend it’s getting up to 30 degrees!  We’ve been to the beach, shorts to school everyday, had the pool out and let me tell you, this is not usual for September.  It’s great.

Last Spring, I found these mesh bags at the dollar store (one of my most favourite places to shop!!)  I had always felt uncertain about shopping there, until our house designer told me that she shopped there all the time!  Now I shop at the dollar store with pride.

So I bought these “explorer” bags and filled them with goodies that are great for discovering!  Bug holders, clipboards, magnifying glasses, and I recently added a mini spiral-bound “nature journal”.  The girls love them!


It feels so great to share in my kids’ learning.  I deeply believe that parents are the best teachers and when I am working with the students in my class, I realize this is true.


Whatever your interests, I encourage you to share them with your children.  There are few things more powerful than shared experience.  Finding fun things to do together that everyone enjoys.  It might not be a nature walk.  It might be kicking around the soccerball, biking, painting, going to see a show etc.

I think a home can be a place filled with rich learning opportunities from the time children are very young, continuing through the school years as well.  Kids are never too young or old to learn with their parents and enjoy.

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