How to Make Pop Can Candy Bouquetes

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_MG_2650I was fascinated to discover pictures of these candy bouquets on pinterest, my daughter wanted to have her friends make them at her birthday party, I but found it difficult to find instructions to make them.  After doing some research, I thought I’d post the instructions that I ended up following.


First, cut some styrofoam balls in half and glue them on the top of the pop can with a glue gun.  Each girl chose a “curly” straw to start out and pushed the straw into the styrofoam.  The best way to add the candy to the styrofoam ball was with toothpicks.

_MG_2634Some instructions suggested using a glue-gun to glue the candy on, but this is not practical, or as safe for a larger group.  I instructed the kids to use scotch tape to tape the candies to the toothpicks and then insert the toothpicks into the styrofoam ball.  As the girls worked on their bouquets, they discovered different ways to attach the candy, such as sticking a two-sided toothpick straight into the candy, or making them dangle down off the toothpick.  Suckers are of course easy to just stick in without the help of a toothpick._MG_2644

The girls really enjoyed creating the bouquets.  There was lots of discussion about their designs and of course plenty of sampling.  We started with a 3kg bag of candy and most of it was gone by the end.


_MG_2636The kids seemed thrilled with the results of their work and we tied some ribbon around the base of the can at the end and curled it with scissors.



A great idea for any kind of party.  Enjoy!

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