Cupcake Decorating for Kids

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One of the easiest and least expensive birthday cakes we ever served at a party were cupcakes decorated by the young guests themselves.


We bought cupcake icing in an aerosal container in a couple of different colours and then supplied M&Ms, coloured candy stars, sprinkles and other toppings found in the cake decorating section of the grocery store.
The girls were extremely focused as they shared and added the decorations to their cupcakes.  We let them make several and then put them all on a desert platter when finished.  You can also buy pyramid-shaped cupcake holders as well.  When we sang Happy Birthday, we brought out the cupcake platter with candles on top.  To add to the desert, we used a floral foam in the bottom of a vase and skewered some fruit to make our own fruit bouquet.

The girls were excited to eat their own cupcake and the skewers as well.  A great idea for a home birthday party!

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